Universal Jobmatch: Not Good Enough for Civil Service Jobs!!!

Surprise, Surprise. Many of the “Work Coaches” ranting about using Universal Jobmatch for your jobsearch applied for theirs through a different system entirely.

Despite spending £17m of taxpayers money giving the old site the ability to upload a CV, and very basic skill matching amongst a few others, and the cost of £6m a year to keep it running, the Civil Service and various other public sector bodies actually use a different e-recruitment system from WCN. No details of how much this cost the taxpayer is available in the public domain.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Ironic isn’t it? The Government ploughs millions of pounds of taxpayers money into ‘developing’ Universal Jobmatch by tendering it out to Monster who modified their pretty-poor job board (no, not the one they use for monster.co.uk, one even worse than that!) into “DirectGov” colours, just to add functionality of CV upload and tracking for jobseekers.

They replaced the ‘jobpoints’ with computers to enforce the use of Universal Jobmatch, no work coach mentions the words “job board” nowadays… the new buzz word is “Universal Jobmatch” (emphasis on new, its not new by a long chalk, excuse the pun!) and they are overly proud of this despite this matching “technology” being widely used for the last 10 years – back then the average broadband connection speed was just 512 kbit. The average Ipswich 3G speed is 4 times that. If advisers do not mention the…

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One thought on “Universal Jobmatch: Not Good Enough for Civil Service Jobs!!!

  1. This is a government job site which does not even include all the NHS jobs on their job list. For example I am a Clinical Physiologist and this does not appear on the list.

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