Universal Jobmatch – List of fake ’employers’ (Part 1)

Universal Jobmatch fake employers scam …

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Ipswich Unemployed Action begins with Part 1 of ‘Fake Employers’ on Universal Jobmatch.

What is a “fake employer”? This is any vacancy that will never result in getting a job; the company might exist but may live off revenue from CV Library or Indeed affiliate schemes – or Google Adsense advertisements. In more cases than not, it doesn’t exist, and is to steal personal information or profit from selling your information.

Fake employers types include:-

  1.  Relay Ads – Just posting other job vacancies (whether the original advert job exists or not) usually to promote their own job website, with intention of jobseekers clicking on a Google Adsense advert along side or uploading a CV through CV Library.
  2. Fake Job Adverts – Creating fake adverts to entice people on to their website to get revenue through Google Adsense, CV library or Indeed affiliate scheme. This is identical to the…

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